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Apricot Seed Peeling Powder 


Apricot Seed Powder is a finely ground, beautiful tan and brown speckled powder that provides medium to aggressive abrasion when incorporated into exfoliating natural beauty and personal care products.

The powder is produced by carefully selecting, drying, grinding, sifting and irradiating premium quality apricot kernels. Apricot seeds are also sometimes known as apricot kernels, pits or stones.

Suggested uses include liquid and bar soaps, washes, cleansers and scrubs.

The concentration of Apricot Kernel Powder incorporated into a formulation will affect the extent of exfoliation of the finished product.


Uses: Face - Body 


Origin: Turkey

INCI: Apricot Seed Powder

Extraction Method: Ground, Sifted and sterile

Shelf Life: 2 Years


Documents: Safety data sheet  Specifications


Packing: 5 Kg - 25 Kg